The future of indigenous peoples,
maroon communities, forest collectors
and riverbank dwellers in Brazil
is under serious threat.

In fact,
so is the future of us all.


Support ISA in defence of the forest peoples right now.

Make a difference

Join us.

In 2019, ISA celebrates 25 years
of standing up as a
historical ally of these peoples.
It is now urgent that more people
stand up for the environmental
heritage of Brazil and help
strengthen the movement
of resistance to the threats,
the violence and
the backward steps.

Support us

Indigenous peoples, maroon communities,
riverbank dwellers, forest collectors.

They ensure the protection
of forests
that, in turn, regulate
the climate, produce rain and contain
the planet’s richest diversity, source of
new medicines and treatments.

Paralysis in demarcating
the territories of these populations
and disputes in Brasilia

over their rights are contributing
to deepening the conflicts in the countryside.

The numbers of incursions by loggers,
land grabbers and prospectors,
the levels of deforestation, and destruction of forests,
rivers, and their cultures
and ways of life continue to grow.

This increases the risks of an uncertain future
for our children and grandchildren.

We shall resist.